Why We Write

As Doug and Joseph consider investments and discuss business philosophy, we each share our experiences from different ends of the spectrum. This makes for rich dialogue and debate. Every day we spend most of our time as students, learning from the interesting and inspiring leaders we work with. The commonality between us is that both of our roots and passions lie in entrepreneurialism and family business. The purpose of our blog is to provide three types of thought to our readers; thoughts on leadership, management, and strategy in privately held businesses, thoughts on emerging trends and opportunities in the US small business economy, and most importantly thoughts on the philosophy of life and how we apply what we learn in life to business. We strive to be direct, succinct, and to offer thinking that may lead you to actionable guidance in your own journey, both personal and professional – after all, each of us are entrepreneurs in our own unique way.

We write about our ideas with the intent of engaging you in a dialogue. We want to know: what do you think of the idea? Do you see the problem we see, and does our proposed solution make sense? What can you share with our community to help each of us learn more and think differently?

There are times when we will be inspired, and will write more frequently, and there are times we will be neck deep in the waters of managing venture investments and we may go dark…don’t worry, we are still out here… .

We write for all of you, so that you can come to a source that gives a damn about you and has something of value to share. It is yours for the taking. Feast.