The Weight

  By Doug R. Wilwerding   I distinctly remember as a young entrepreneur in my late 20’s and 30’s frequently thinking to myself, ‘there is no possible way I could ever work any harder than I am working right now’. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually said this out loud more than once. … Continue reading The Weight

How Curious

Doug Wilwerding - I’ve been in business full time since I graduated from grad school in 1986. Over the years I have observed a number of commonalities that differentiate those who are distinctly successful from the adequate and the unsuccessful. Drive, attitude, endurance, durability, perspective, creativity, courage, self-discipline, practicality, and tenacity all play big roles … Continue reading How Curious


Joseph Lassen Ÿ- Nearly every businessperson today has spent time in and around multiple offices across the Untied States, and if lucky around the world. As an employee it is easy to forget about the office and focus only on your task at hand; however, astute investors and managers should always be thinking about their … Continue reading Space